Work Force

The organization is volunteered by college students. We make a team of volunteers at college constituting around 50 to 400 volunteers per college. A definite hierarchy is made in which college students from 1st year to final year have a certain role to play. The responsibilities are given according to the abilities, interest and experience of the volunteers. Generally first year students teach in the evening time, second year students become class teacher and supervisors, third year students become various team in-charge 4th year students become center in-charge or coordinators and 5th year students (if any ) become chapter coordinator. At the time of vacation, we recruit the local college graduates or undergraduates to maintain the continuity of the center. For that we pay them reasonable amount which help them to continue their education and help in their family life. In this way, more than 100 graduate and undergraduate teachers are being benefitted by kartavya. Kartavya has inspired to professionals also who give special training like karate class and art classes to kartavya students. Also few permanent employees are hired for center caretaking purposes.

How we work

Survey : With the help of prepared questionnaire survey regarding economic, educational, health and other parameters is done, which is important to decide whether we need to adopt the village/slum or not.

Adopting village/slum: After the extensive analysis of the survey, a complete one year planning is done to gradually lift up the village. After that teams are set-up separately for starting center, developing infrastructure and getting funds for the whole year expenses of the center.

Focusing education: At first we pay heed to children’s informal education. In the line-up, parents are convinced to send their children to our study center, which is located generally nearby the village/slum itself for proper functioning of the classes. Classes are divided according to the intellectual level of children and proper schedules are made. Our next target for the coming days is to cover maximum children of that village/slum. Regularity is maintained through recruitment of graduate teachers.

Setting up library: Library is developed in the village/slum itself in order to provide these children a space to study and complete their home works during night when there is no electricity at their homes. A diverse collection of academic and non-academic books, inverter, proper drinking water supply and lavatories are provided.

Admission in school: For the purpose of providing quality and formal education children are admitted in good private and govt. schools. It also inculcates moral values, discipline, cultural attributes and various other qualities in them, needed for their overall development. Besides, children are mainstreamed when they study, play, eat and travel with other non-slum children.

Skill development: Skill Development Cell (SDC) works to groom all-round personality of the children. Cultural activities like singing, dancing, drawing, enacting a story, art and craft etc. are taught. Children are updated with the current affairs and GK. Other activities like mental mathematics, word game, and other mental games are carried. Moral values, yoga, meditation classes are also conducted. Students are also prepared for any event or competition at school so that they can perform equally well as their counterparts.

Health care: Health camp in the village/slum is organized to identify the prevalent diseases and necessary measures are taken accordingly. Most of the children suffer from malnutrition, seasonal diseases (cold and cough, fever etc.), sanity and drinking water problems (stomach ache, flu, malaria, typhoid, diarrhea, etc.), vision problem, epilepsy, abscess, anemia, skin diseases, chicken pox etc. Health team discusses on the causes, symptoms, prevention, cure and common medication and takes necessary steps.

Computer education and English speaking: A special team dedicated to prepare these children according to current trends of world. As computer and English speaking is most significant for the children to cope up with the competitive world.

Vocational training and education for adults: Once the guardians realize that education is very important part of life, we extend the education for them. Also vocational training is provided to ladies and young grown-up boys and girls to make them self-employed and self-sustained.

Awareness: General awareness programs among the parents regarding child care, family planning, govt. schemes, sanity and health care, early marriage, balanced diets etc. are conducted regularly by our team members.

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