Kartavya (Reg. Under Society Reg. Act 21, 1860, Reg. no. S/63750/2008 as the name KARTAVAYA) is a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) providing free and high quality education to underprivileged children living in slums and villages in india. The whole management of the organization is handled by college students. Apart from two-hours evening tuitions to around 500 students with 300 children going to good private schools for formal education.


Kartavya has a mission to establish KARTAVYA model in prominent colleges and universities across the country.In India over lakhs of students are studying in about 35000 colleges. Effort of even 10% students towards the cause may bring substantial change in the society.


"Kartavya is envisioned to uplift the marginalised citizenry living in slum/village". This can be realised by providing them quality education, vocational training and healthcare.


Our Humble Beginning'1999

IIT(ISM) is surrounded by slums. Slum children used to gather near hostels to collect stale foods.They loitered in and around campus to collect garbage. Subsequently in year 1999 ,a group of students headed by Mr. Amresh Mishra ( presently an IPS officer) started teaching those slum children in a mandir premises in the slum.

Present Scenario

The organization is volunteered by college students. We make a team of volunteers at college constituting around 50 to 400 volunteers per college.Know more.

Future Dreams

To educate a generation so that they will become self-sustaining and would not require Kartavya center's ,that day we will close the center around them and open new one's in a new locality with the same aim.



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'We ourseleves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean but the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.''
- Mother Teresa
And as the saying is prevalent in Hindi "Boond bond se ghara bharta hai(water is a pot comprises of drop)", so make this drop a larger pot and then this pot to head towards an ocean. We are independent since 1947 but really are these children free? Freedom for these children is to be free from the bars of poverty & illiteracy. Help Us to provide a better future to them and join hands with us to make them free as we are. This scheme is similar to adopting a child, wherein a sponsor contributes an annual amount of ₹ 7600 for the education expenses of a child for one academic session.

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Indian School Of Mines, Dhanbad

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